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What is Bad Breath?

        Bad breath is the side effect of the action taken by certain bacteria that live in the mouth, the tongue and the tonsils of every on this planet. The fact is that we all have these bacteria in our mouth. These bacteria remain dormant until some action in their environment causes them to change.

        Because these bacteria are anaerobic and sulfur producing, when they react to these changes they produce chemicals compounds. Some of these compound smell and taste terrible, like hydrogen sulfide, which smells like rotten eggs, and other compounds. We will discuss some of these odors and possible relative odors further on.

Causes of bad breath?  

        Bad breath is a common health problem which greatly affects the day-to-day activities of so many people.  

        The offensive odor from the mouth is unpleasant to those who come in close contact with those who have bad breathers. The sufferers from this problem are usually isolated from society. It can even lead to difficulties with nearest and dearest such as family or spouse.  

        Literally speaking, all human beings have bad breath at one time or another. The oral cavity (that is to say, your mouth) contains millions of anaerobic bacteria like fusobacterium and antinomies which acts on the protein of food materials and putrefies them.   

What Are The Symptoms of Bad Breath? 

        This may sound like a "no brainer" because you may think that bad breath is obvious to the person who has bad breath. That is not necessarily the case. 

       You may have cupped your hands and blown into them to try and determine if your breath smells, but that does not work because your body naturally acclimatize to its own odor. This is necessary so that the sensory system will recognize odors that are external to the body.

        If this is the case, then you need to look at external symptoms:

        Do you experience nasal drip? 

        Do you have allergies? 

        Do you have a chronic dry mouth? 

        Do you experience a sour taste in your mouth? 

        Do you have a coating on your tongue? 

        Do your friends offer you gum or breathe mints? 

        Do strangers turn their heads away when you speak? 

        These may sound very basic questions but if you answered yes to any of them there is a good probability that you have a problem with bad breath. If you answered any of them with "I don't know," you need to become pro-active and observe if any of the conditions apply to your situation.

Bad Breath: For Some A State Of Mind 

        CHICAGO -- People rate their own breath odor is based on many factors, including psychological, according to an article in the May 2001 Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA).  

        Bad breath or halitosis is a common concern for millions of people, say researchers from Israel's Tel Aviv University. Yet, they explain that there is almost no reliable way for people to properly assess the odor of their breath.  

        "While many develop faulty perceptions about having bad breath that affect their entire lives, others who have halitosis are unaware of their condition," the researchers wrote.  

        In the JADA article, the authors discuss issues affecting self-perception of breath odor in patients who worry about bad breath, as well as in a more general population of those who do not worry about bad breath.  

        They said that self-perception of breath odor was multifactor and related closely to one's body image and psychological profile.  

        During an investigation at Tel Aviv University, from 1992-1995, the researchers asked "worrier" subjects to smell and rate odors coming from their mouths, tongues and saliva. The results, they say, confirmed that there is built-in subjectivity when people attempt to assess their own breath odor. For example, the authors said, subjects who worried about bad breath rated their own bad-breath levels as being higher than did an impartial odor judge.  

        Later, the authors looked at a more general population of "non worriers" (60 subjects, 55 percent men and an average age of 35.5 years). They found that self-assessment of breath odor was more objective and positively associated with the odor judge's score and laboratory measurements.  

        "Subjects who had more positive feelings about their bodies generally tended to score themselves as having less bad breath," the authors concluded. "However, people who complain about having bad breath might harbor a self-perception that does not reflect objective findings."

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What About All Those Smelly Foods We Love? 

1.    You’ve heard the term, “you are what you eat” and it certainly applies when it comes to bad breath. Certain foods can give you bad breath.  

2.    Foods like garlic, onions, peppers and more all have a role in creating bad breath. When the food you eat is released into the bloodstream, the lungs will expel the odor.  

3.    While garlic and onions seem to top the list of bad breath offenders, there are other foods that are just as likely to produce bad breath.                                       

4.     A few of these are: 

  • Spicy meats, such as pepperoni, salami and pastrami 

  • Cheese, especially soft cheeses 

  • Fish 

  • Dairy foods 

  • Seafood 

  • Eggs 

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You begin to wind your way through the crowd all the while maintaining eye contact. The attraction is definitely there, right?    

You finally make it across the dance floor and approach her with a smile. Suddenly, there’s a shift in her body language. She tightens up, the smile disappears and before you can finish your introduction, she mumbles something and turns away.     

What happened during the ten seconds it took you to cross the room?

There are some other symptoms as well:  

  • Is your mouth frequently very dry?  

  • Does milk or coffee leave a bad taste in your mouth?  

  • Do you have post - nasal drip?  

  • Do people regularly offer you breathe mints?  

  • Is there a white coating on your tongue?  

  • Is your saliva thick?  

  • Do people frequently turn their heads or back away from you?                     

Did you know that most people who have bad breath aren’t even aware of it? Breathing into your own hand to see if you have bad breath doesn’t work . . . it doesn’t work!                       

Having bad breath can make a serious dent in your social life, not to mention interfering with your success on the job. We live in a social world, but all the social skills on earth can’t compete with bad breath.

Bad Breath……… Me?
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So where does bad breathe actually come from?

Actually, it comes from your mouth and not your stomach, by studies made. It comes down to millions and millions of bacteria literally stuck to your tongue and your teeth. You can thank the worst odor to the bacteria that is dying in your mouth. Nice thought don't you think?  

What Can You Do?

There are lots of things that you can do to prevent your breath from embarrassing you.

Here is a list to consider: 

  •  Brush your teeth after each meal, especially after you have eaten eggs.

  • While brushing, don't forget the back of the tongue. 

  • Floss often..

  • Drink more water.

  • If none of these tips help, it might be a good idea to consult your dentist.
    You could have broken or cracked fillings.

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